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H1B visa cancelled in 2000 and want to apply again.

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  • H1B visa cancelled in 2000 and want to apply again.

    I have been to US in 2000 on a H1B visa sponsored by an US consulting company X located at Ohio, But after 6 months on bench I started working in Chicago for a different company Y as the company X didnt have any projects.. Meanwhile company Y was about to transfer my H1B visa. But on Sep 15th after the 9/11 mishap I was arrested by US Immigration Authority while I was in a Mall. Later when they checked my credentials they found out that I was not working for my original company X and they detained me on that basis and seized all my documents. When I approached the court I asked for voluntary deportation and was granted bail for $5000,and my documents were returned but the visa stamping on my Passport was cancelled and I came back to my country immediately .. and went to the American consulate at my country and got a letter signed by them that I have reached my country .. which I faxed it to my lawyer in US. After that the case was closed. Now I have been working in a reputed MNC as a senior executive.. and this company wants to sponsor my H1B visa again.. will there be any problems or consequences if I apply for H1B visa?