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H4 visa documents for stamping

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  • H4 visa documents for stamping

    Hi, I am in US and my wife (on H4) is on vacation to India. While she in India, her visa got expired. I got my H1B extended here and sending all the documents mentioned on Madras consulate website for visa stamping. She got her appointment for interview in madras consulate. I want to know whether she should carry my original I-797 form or just a photocopy will be okay.

    As I need to keep my I-797 form with me, I sent a good photocopy of it to her to carry to the consulate. Please let me know if that is okay.

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    Hi pals2001,
    You no need to send your I-797 form original copy. Your wife can carry photocopy of the I-797 form approval notice when she is going for her H-4 Stamping. There won't any problem.


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      Thanks for confirmation.


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        h4 visa stamp


        Me & my husband got 1 year extension for h4,h1 visa respectively, Now I am planning my India trip in next month. My question is can I get my visa stamped without having my husband's visa stamped. If yes, what documens I will have to carry? Plez... let me know the procedure..& how long it will take???
        when I asked to my lawyer I got the answer that lot of indian h4 visa got rejected becoz of not having principal's h1 visa stamped. I also read somewhere that this is new rule??Is this true??????
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          read https://www.immihelp.com/h1-visa-stamping-documents/
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