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Regarding H1 Processing

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  • Regarding H1 Processing


    I am currently holding L1-Blanket Visa with Company-A and I would like to apply for H1-B with Company-B on April 1 2011.

    If my new company-B submits my H1 petition on 1-Apr-2011 in premium mode, can i go to India on emergency leave for 2 weeks with my current company-A in L1 Visa.

    1. When I return back around 10-Apr-2011 to US with my current L1, will my new H1 petition be still valid with company-B?

    2. Will my new H1 Visa (if approved / processed by 10-Apr-2011) be overridden by my fresh status on L1 (after i re-enter US on 10-Apr-2011) ?

    3. In short when I re-enter US on 10-Apr-2011, which Visa will be valid - is it new H1 Visa / current L1 visa ?

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated greatly.

    Thanks in advance for your response.