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H-1b Visa stamping outside home-country

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  • H-1b Visa stamping outside home-country

    Hi Guys,

    My last H-1b visa is already expired in passport and I got the extension approval but I do not have my passport stamped with my new H-1b dates. I was planning to get stamping done, for extension (New H-1b), in December '11, during my India visit(Home-country). But now I am getting oppurtinuty to travel Europe from my job before December '11.

    My question is - Can I travel Europe, for my work, with expired visa on my passport and get stamping done in somewhere in Europe to have valid visa in my passport (per new H-1b)and come back successfully in the USA with valid visa? My last stamping was done in India(Home-country).

    Please advise.
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    Only the first time H1B stamping need to be at the home country. You can get the H1B stamped in any U.S Consulate that accepts visa applications from third country citizens. Just check with the appropriate consulate before booking the appointment.
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      You can certainly apply for the Visa at a US consulate in Europe.
      This is my opinion and not legal advice.