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is it serious or not please let me know

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  • is it serious or not please let me know

    i applied for chennai consulate for h4 visa on 13 jan 2005. my case is under reivew.consulate took my all documents which include my original marriage certificate and photos. and told me contact once case is resolved. actually the problem was i applied on oct 7 2004 for h1 visa and it got rejected under 221g stating "not eligible for visa". then i got married to hindu guy(inter religion)marriage and applied for h4 visa. we got married on nov 4th 2004.
    and the big mistake i did was when going to consulate i took a **** certificate(the one which state my hubby is employed in organisation).when officer caught me. i told her truth and she accepted to that. and asked to tell wheather marriage is real or not. officer was kool and she told me she personally review the case and will be happy to give visa if marriage is real.

    she told after i accepted it to be real so she told me that once the case is revied we will inform u.
    basically i wann to know how much time does it takes? how much % of chances r there to get visa.
    and does it effect my hubby as he is in u.s?
    and can i try for another country(as i have my passport)?
    i mailed consulate 5 times and every time i get mail stating case is in review. is there any other way to contact consulate other than mail and phone.
    please let me know
    thanking u

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    Your case is messed up.

    Ok here we go, First of ALL i would suggest u that, u will never get a visa with the situation u are in at the moment. I suggest you not to waste your time and concentrate on your career. Last but not the least, Please try to improve your English and then you may start using slang WANN etc.

    Good Luck dear.