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Adjustment of Status from H1-Help

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  • Adjustment of Status from H1-Help

    I am having approved family based immigration petition I-130 and visa number is also available to me. I am in US on H1 visa. Please give me advice:

    2)What documents should i need from my present employer to apply for AOS? 3)Once i apply for AOS, can i marry before my AOS is adjudicated and approved, bcz my I-130 petition was unmarried over 21?

    A bundle of thanks for help!

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    2. Nothing from employer because you are doing AOS based on I-130.
    3. Yes.
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      HI, Thanks for reply..
      If i can get marry, what effect would be on my AOS? and can i use Follow-up-Join condition to get my spouse into USA at the time my AOS case is being adjudicated?

      Thanks again!