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Urgent - H4 to H1 status change

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  • Urgent - H4 to H1 status change

    I am on H4 visa and my H1 sponsor would be applying for my H4 to H1 status change for the fiscal year 2005 as soon as the filing starts.

    Due to Some personal reaons I have to leave for india in last week of April and will return back to US in 1st week of July.

    1. Can I travel to India on H4 while requesting for a status change from H4 to H1?

    2. Can I travel before applying for H1 or should I travel only after my H1 is filed?

    3. Whether my status change (H4 TO H1) is approved or not can i come back from India to US on the same H4?

    4. If I am allowed to enter into US, using the same H4 and have my H1 papers ready can I start working or should I go back to India, get my H1 stamped and then comeback and work

    5. Where can I get additional information in this regard?


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    If you are on H4 and you are getting H1 for first time, you can't get it approved to work until Oct 1, 2005.

    It is best you apply for H1 and enter back on H4.
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