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H1B visa - Addl. Information under 221(g)- clarification sought

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  • H1B visa - Addl. Information under 221(g)- clarification sought

    Hi friends
    I have attended for H1B visa stamping (first time) in Feb,05 at Chennai consulate. After formal greet, I have been asked about 7 questions by the Consular Officer like spouse, US company, Studies, Project details etc.,
    Finally I have been asked to produce additional information under section 221(g) of INA. In which 4 items have been marked for additional information.

    The 4 items are:
    1. Photographs of the inside and outside of the petitioner's work premises
    2. Provide a detailed and specific account of how the H/L worker will be employed during the next 12 months. Be sure to specify location, client and client contact information, nature of the project and duration of the project.
    3. W-2 forms for all people employed by the petitioner.
    4. A list of all projects, and their time lines, in which the beneficiary worker has been employed, with a detailed explanation of the work conducted and the client in question. Include all periods of inactivity or between projects. Also include client reference for
    each and every project on the list.

    In these 4 items, I couldn't understand about the 4th item. ( the remaining 3 are self explanatory)
    I will be very grateful, if anybody could explain in detail about this item and what material to be prepared for this.
    So far I haven't worked anywhere in USA with any employer. This is my first offer and H1B sponsorship.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Regarding the 4th point, ur employer has to show the contracts in hand, that means what are all the other future contracts with his clients, and what is the time frame for each project and the in-active period period between the projects.

    This is to verify that ur employer is really having projects with his clients.

    Thats whay they are asking the references of clients too. So that they may call and inquire.

    Another thing ur employer has to prove is how he is going to keep u busy for next 12 months. That means he has to show along term project or some thing like that which he already had in hand.

    Hope this helps u.


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      Thank you very much for your suggestion.
      Hope it might be correct.
      I will call and talk to the employer.
      I can post the further details shortly.

      and I request the members to post some more valuable suggestions

      your suggestions are highly appreciated.