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URGENT URGENT:H4 extension+H1 transfer+India Visit

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  • URGENT URGENT:H4 extension+H1 transfer+India Visit

    Hi there,

    I'm currently in the US and my H4 visa is under extension process.
    1) Can I go to India with the H4 extension receipt number alone since my H4 extension has not yet come
    2) If I go to India after getting my H4 approval,
    a) If my husband transfers his job from company "A" to company "B" when I'm in India can I come back in the old company's H4 visa?
    b) In the mean while , if my husband had filed for H1B tranfer when I'm in India, how can I get my H4(thru old company) stamped?
    c) Should I have to show my husband's transfer recipts while H4 stamping or I can simply travel with old H4 without even mentioning my husband's transfer?(Many say that they did this)
    d) If my husband has filed for tranfer , and I need to get my H4 stamped,should he get his H1 stamped too to get mine?
    e) What are the documents that I should take for the interview in case my husband has filed for his H1B transfer?
    f) For my scenario, can my H4 gets rejected for any reason?
    3) My 1 yr old baby is US Citizen and has a PIO card. Does he need any stamping while daparting from India?

    Anyone have answers? If so, pls reply.

    Appreciate your reply very much.
    Thank you