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H1 & H4 Visa Interview on May 5th , Please help

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  • H1 & H4 Visa Interview on May 5th , Please help

    Hi everyone,

    Myself and my husband is destined to attend the interview for H4 and H1 visa respectivelyon May 5th .I would dearly appreciate if you could clarify my following doubts.

    1. Qualification. My husband's Basic Qualification is Bsc Chemistry, then he had PGDCA from LBS and has completed his course work in MCA from ignou. But he has to get 2 more papers . But he has got 5+ years of Experience in Software field. So if the interviewer asks him about hisqualification , what should he tell him?

    2.H4:-I am going along with himfor the interview , is it a problem. Will they ask me any questions? .If so, could anyone tell me what all could be the queries?

    3.Return To India: I heard that , they would ask us to give a genuine reason by which theywould get convinced about us coming back to india , after the visa is expired. Is it true?. If true, do i need to take any land ownership documents to the consulate for the interview. Will it be worth taking such a document.

    Please help me to clarify the above said doubts.


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    Regarding your husband's issue it's purely depends on luck. since he has got 5 years of experience there are fair chances to get a visa easily.

    About H4, once ur husband gets the visa, they will issue H4 too with out any problem.

    You don't have to show any documents to the consulate to prove that you will be back to india. Just tell them what you have planned in future and how you want to implement that.

    Thats it.

    Good Luck.


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      please don't post same question multiple times.

      I already answered it once.
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