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h1 cancelled sec 212a6c

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  • h1 cancelled sec 212a6c

    hi my husband
    visa cancelled saying 212,my husband genionly worked for6years there than we applied h1and they gave class hit resolved which previously we cheated by one black list company but seeing our genuine experience consulate people gave class hit resolved and they gave visa then we came to us in2007after that he worked withone company still now we genuine pay stubs and experience niw he went to india for stamping to extension they are asking about previous section they only gave class hit resolved and they compelled to say that we did fraud and they taken i797 gave sec 212a6c now iam staying in america helplessly i dont know what to do with 2 children they are studying here and further my h4 is stamped without any problem last year canwe reapply or something we cando icant manage every thing and we have to pay for banks and every thing please give me suggestions and help what to do next


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    Unfortunately there is no H4 status without a valid H1B. If your spouse is out of U.S and if his visa is refused, then all his dependents (on h4 status) should also leave the country immediately (Without a valid H1B all H4's goes out of status) otherwise it can cause issues with future visits to U.S.
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