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H1 B stamping - 221g

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  • H1 B stamping - 221g

    I got 221g asking for docs - case papers, client letter , contract.
    Do we need to drop the original docs or photocopies will work??
    Also, passport is not asked? Shd i submit it ot not??

    I do have the client letter. But it does not have my name on it?? Will it work??
    Also, I heard that either contract or client letter will do. If i submit the contract, will the client letter without my name work??

    Any one who got through with the client letter(not having the beneficiary name on it)??? Pls reply??

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    Hi - What consulate you went you and what is the current status of your case?


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      221g Green Slip New Delhi

      I also got 221g on May 2, 2011. I have submitted docs on May 5, 2011. They asked me to submit photocopies of all docs. They did not ask for passport. I am still waiting or update on my case. Can anyone tell the current processing time?