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221(g) blue slip @ Hyderabad on May 18th

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  • 221(g) blue slip @ Hyderabad on May 18th

    Hi all, i want to share my visa experience for your opinion.

    VO asked following questions:
    VO: what is your highest degree
    Me: MS in CS
    VO: Give me LCA and I-129
    Me: Provided those documents
    VO:Give me USCIS letter
    Me: i gave the letter addressed to Consulate general
    VO: he told that this is not USCIS letter
    Me: i gave the whole packet to him
    VO: while he is looking at the packet he asked me to look into my folder
    Me: I found the letter and gave it to him
    VO: Who is your supervisor ,client location,vendor name,client letter & vendor letter
    Me: i gave all the necessary documents
    VO: He told that USCIS letter doesnt clearly state the vendor and client model. I need to reviewthe documents and gave the 221g blue form (Additional administrative processing)
    Me: I told that i also have the contract between my employer and vendor
    VO: He told to provide all the supporting document that is going to be helpful in reviewing the case
    Me:i gave all the documents to him

    After coming home with in an hour i received following email:

    Your passport is required for the further processing of your non-immigrant visa case.

    Please submit your passport to VFS. (It can be submitted by you at the VFS office, in person. Please carry a print-out of this confirmation email while going to submit your passport.)

    The following is the address of the VFS office:

    VFS office: 1-8-313 second floor,
    “LINUS”, Chiran Fort Club Lane,
    Begumpet, Hyderabad – 500016

    You may call VFS-Helpline at 0120-6611411 for more details. The VFS-Helpline operates Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 1 PM and from 2 PM to 5 PM. The following is the email address for the VFS: [email protected].

    We hope this information is useful to you.


    Consular Information Unit
    U.S. Consulate General
    Hyderabad, India
    Email: [email protected]

    I went a head and submitted my passport in person at VFS office.

    While coming back to home i received another similar email from consulate asking to submit my passport.

    I would like to know whether my visa got approved or not, since most of the people on this board are experts in these matters.

    You help is really appreciated.

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    Hi Naveen
    My case is exactly like yours.
    Can you please update your case status.
    Can you please tell me, after submitting the documents thru email what happen next.



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      I never submitted any documents online. After receiving the email , i went to VFS office in Hyderabad and submitted the passport. I have waited for a while and received the email stating that passport was ready to be picked up on June 3rd. I saw that my visa got stamped.