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H1B Exten Stamped in Chennai!!!

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  • H1B Exten Stamped in Chennai!!!

    Transcript: Dated : May 04th

    VO: How Are you?
    Myself: Fine, but little jetlag ( Just felt to make him aware I am on vacation, I am aware that he will know that :-) )
    VO: Which company you work for?
    Myself: XXXX US corp
    VO: Ok, Have you been in USA for last 3 yrs.
    Myself: Yes, I did
    VO: How long you are with XXXX?
    Myself: For last 2 yrs.
    VO: Did you change your company later entering USA?
    Myself: Yes, I did.
    VO: Can I see your Approval notice and petition?
    Myself: Gave the Approval Notice (Voluntarily I did not give my petition to void questions, luckily worked out even before that document)
    VO: You will be getting your passport in a week time.
    Myself: Thanks
    Myself: Congrats! On 09/11 Justice
    VO: I did not do anything
    Myself: Even me too :-), but felt to share the pleasure of it.
    VO: With Smile, Thanks! You too :-)