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H4 extn delayed

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  • H4 extn delayed


    I applied for a H4 visa extension about a month ago and havent recd any response back. Now my current H4 expiration is 10th July, just one month from now.

    What happens if my extn doesnt come within this month? Will I need to leave for back home or I can stay as long as I have applied for it ?

    The last time we applied for H4 (that was a COS from H1 to H4) we got the EAC number within a week and approval within a month. I wonder why its taking longer this time. We live in TX and have applied at Dallas, TX

    Please help.

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    I think you should have received receipt notice by now. Once you have that in your hand, you are allowed to stay beyond your current I-94.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.