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Part time job on H1b

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  • Part time job on H1b


    I am in the US on an H1b visa. Most of my weekends am just, well, watching the clock. So I wondered if I could take up a part time job on weekends. So, first of all, can I really even do that legally being on H1b visa ?
    Second, how would you suggest I go about searching for such a job ? Just on the job websites, cos I remember a couple of my student friends saying, that they used to just refer other friends of theirs at shifts. So I dont know if such jobs are just by word of mouth ? I am up for most types of jobs though.

    This is my opinion. Not a legal advice

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    When you are in H1B, you can work only for the employer who sponsored your H1B petition. Working and getting paid by other employers are considered illegal employment. However, another employer can file an H1B on your behalf and as CONCURRENT H1B petition for part-time and if that gets approved, you can work both the employers at the same time. However, H1B is a specialized visa, so an employer cannot just file a concurrent H1B petition for you to work at a gas station. The job should require specialized knowledge to get the H1B approved.
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      Thank you.
      This is my opinion. Not a legal advice


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        Iam living lowell,MA.I am looking for jobs.I have 2yrs kid,so looking work from home jobs.I have GC

        I have some knowledge about basic computer and maths,and also if have to learn something i can learn fast.

        If you guys know any body doing business.

        Thank you.