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H4 Visa and Adoption

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  • H4 Visa and Adoption

    I would be applying for H4 visa for my wife in India.

    - This is my first marriage and my wife's second. She is legally divorced and we are legally married with proper certificates of court.

    - She has a son from her first marriage but she has the full legal custody of the child.

    - I was informed that for my son's passport I will also have to additionally legally "adopt" him as I am not his biological father, even though my wife has full custody of child.

    1. I am doing the above court process, I wanted to check that whether anything like this will also be required if I go for visa stamping.

    2. Though this is just a adoption for the sake of sufficing passport rules in India, are there any such rules for visa stamping also in such so called "adoption" process.

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