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H1 Extension and NIW question!

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  • H1 Extension and NIW question!

    Hi guys,

    [[[[(Sorry this is a duplicate post!!! I have submitted this in I-140 forums for days and no one could answer my questions. Here i'm hoping some one would give me their inputs!)]]]]

    Okay so, I’m in my 5th year of H1B (5th year ends on Sep 30th 2012) I have not applied for GC yet.
    I'm with a nonprofit organization (health care; very good and renowned) since two years. I have 3 years experience with my previous employer (also health care). So I have 5 yrs experience in my field with a Masters Degree from a US University. I have only 3 published papers on which I’m a co-author. I do not have any first author publications. Couple of poster presentations and 5 citations.
    My current employer said they stopped filing PERM and they could only do a EB2/NIW (according to my job responsibilities) I'm at this point in a dilemma whether to go for a try for NIW/EB2 or go with my original plan of joining a top university for my PhD. My employer is affiliated to a university, and if I-140 is approved I could get my PhD part time with them instead.

    So, my questions are:
    1) If we apply for NIW/EB2 at the end of this year, could we also apply for H1B extension early next year? (Since my 5th year ends in Sep 2012 and possibly could get one more year of H1B extension?)

    2) If under NIW/EB2 my I140 gets rejected, will I go out of status and cannot use my remaining H1B until 2012 September or 2013 if get my 6th year extension?

    3) If I-140 gets rejected, will my COS from H1B to F1 be denied under immigration intent, though I have admission from good university and funding?

    4) What's the difference b/w NIW alone and NIW/EB2 (In terms of requirements?)

    Sorry for a long post. Thanks for reading. Please do give your inputs on this.
    Senior members....plz help me.....!!!!

    Thanks a bunch,