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need an opinion by attorney on h1b visa issue

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  • need an opinion by attorney on h1b visa issue

    I had my original H1b visa issued in 2008 which expires on 30th of june 2011. I am starting my job from 1 st of july with a different employer in a different state. Now to file for my new visa I need this medical practising license for the job issued to me before 30th of june.
    Now that license is getting delayed by few days and I would not be able to get it before 30th of June, hence my visa could not be filed. This would mean I will be out of status after 30th of June and I would be required to leave the country.
    My question is that, is it advisable to file for a visa with license as pending status and I will provide them the license as soon as it is available to me?
    Also is there any attorney's here on this site with whom I can discuss this issue and I will pay the required consultation fees.