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Validity period in I-797 in not same as in PIMS

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  • Validity period in I-797 in not same as in PIMS

    Hi All!

    I went through H1b visa interview on last Monday. VO has issued me a A-4 size letter saying - visa has been approved - on the top. But before that, she told there is some discrepancy in validity dates mentioned on I-797 and on the screen (I think it's called PIMS) on her computer. VO had discussed the matter to couple of people inside and then told me once/if aforesaid issue is resolved, I will receive my passport and visa.

    I have below queries:

    1. Does anyone been through such case?
    2. If yes, how much time it takes to get resolved such issues and get the passport back with visa.
    3. Additionally, as I need to travel abroad very soon, how many days it will take to get the passport back if I raise request to withdraw my passport with/out visa.

    Please suggest.

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    PIMS issue will be resolved in 2 weeks to a month. It is commonplace.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.