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H1B Drivers license query: Temporary Status expires.

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  • H1B Drivers license query: Temporary Status expires.

    Dear all,
    I have query that my DL have status : Temporary Visitor Expires and <Date of next month>, same as my I797 and I94, but still my I didn't got renewal, waiting for renewal.
    my DL expiry date is :year 2015 but the above temp.status expires so, can I drive with my new I797 and I94 once I get my renewal?
    or what to do? I need to go DMV or RMV office for renewal? or I am safe if I drive with copy of I797 and I97?
    please advice me.


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    Why do you need petition approval notice and I-94 for driving a car? Most police officers (even in Arizona) will only ask for driver's license. You can keep a copy of your passport and new petition receipt notice with you in case you want to.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.