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  • Client letter

    Hi All,

    I recently went to Chennai consulate for H1 renwel stamping and I got 221(g) green.In the 221g VO tick the client letter including other documents.
    I have all the documents for submission except client letter and I am not getting client letter from my client and there is no hopes for it.

    my employer is not interested to submit the documents without client letter.

    Please can any one suggest me what to do --- can I submit my documents without client letter or can I look for new employer for filing new h1b petition for me.


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    You can submit the SOW between the client and the vendor in place of the client letter. Also, if possible at least get a written letter / email from the client stating that they won't be able to provide you a client letter as per their company policy. That will help.

    If you cannot provide any of these, then the only remaining option is to submit the rest of the documents with a cover letter stating that the client won't be able to provide you a letter as per their company policy. If you do that, then it is advisable to start looking to transfer your H1B in parallel because the chances of a successful stamping is very slim.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.


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      Thanks for your respone.

      I got the SOW between vendor and client and When I asking about client letter, vendor or client is not responding at all.