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H1 stamping scenario...please help

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  • H1 stamping scenario...please help


    I am planning to go to India and would need to go to for stamping. I have heard and read in many forums that there are many issues and delays for months in getting h1 visa stamped. My plan is to attend the interview and in case there is a delay join some other employer 'X' in India who has an onsite opportunity for me. And whenever US embassy asks me to send my passport for stamping US Visa, I would resign X employer and would come back or send passport from onsite to India for stamping. would it be a problem if they see another employer's onsite (non-US onsite location) visa on my passport. Would they object to issue H1 visa if they see if I have joined other employer. My plan is to work for emp X while my stamping is on hold and once stamping is done leave emp X and get back to US to work for old employer.

    Please help me by letting me know if there could be any issues in this case.