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Any one gets H4 stamping before October

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  • Any one gets H4 stamping before October


    Is there any one who done with the H4 stamping for fresh H1 before October. Please share your valuable experience.
    And want to ask you is it advisable to appear for H4 before October? I already have 3 rejection on OPT. What should I do?

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    Same question, but not sure about ans.

    Hi Buddy,
    I am also on same boat as you, as my wife got rejected once on my OPT.
    I am planning for H4 Application in oct, because any how even if she will get Visa right now. she can't enter in USA not earlier then 10 days of My H1b Starting date.


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      I see lots of posts saying that they got 221g letter while applying for H4. Once embassy issue this kind of letter you have to wait till your case has been resolved, and it will take from a week up to months to resolve the query. If I apply now then I can get enough time till October in case of such a notice. Whats your thought on that?


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        Hi Rushabh
        I can understand yr situation.
        you can do that.
        but as per my thinking please be on a safe side. ........and apply for h4 after yr h1b starts.


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          Don't worry people, just have your spouses apply for their H4. They just cannot travel before Oct 1. Even H1 principal can apply for H1 Visa before Oct 1. The restriction is on traveling and not Visa application.
          Also F2 denial for immigrant intent does not affect H4 application since H4 allows immigrant intent.
          This is my opinion and not legal advice.