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SSN Issue due to I94

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  • SSN Issue due to I94


    I came to US in Jan, 2011 on H4, applied for H1 B and got it aapproved. The I797 copy with I94 details was sent to my employer. My H1 validity starts from May 2011.

    Due to some personal reasons I had to leave for India and came back on H4 before May 2011 with a new I94.

    I have 2 questions to be answered.

    1. I live in Atlanta and my employer who filed my H1B is in CA. Do I need to go to CA for applying SSN or can I apply for SSN in Atlanta SSA office also.

    2. 10 days after my H1 started, I went to the SSA office in Atlanta to apply for SSN. When then keyed-in I94 number available on H1B copy (I returned this I94 while returning to India), the SSA personnel said that they were unable to verify the status and said it would take 4 weeks for the details to get verified by USCIS/DHS and after verification of status they would provide me with SSN. Its been 2 months that I did not get the SSN and when I call the SSA office, they say that my file is under processing.

    Has any been in this situation? How much time does it usually take for verification of status by DHS?

    Any help on this is appreciated.


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    You travel and return in H4 status may have invalidated your H1 change of status approval. Your employer may need to apply for H1 change of status again in order for you to start working for them.
    Even if H1 status is not invalidated, you may be out of status by not working for the H1 employer from May.

    Consult an experience attorney regarding this complicated status issue. SSN is the least important of your problems.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.