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Need clarification on L1B to H1B

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  • Need clarification on L1B to H1B

    My Company has decided to move status from L1b to H1b and they applied for H1b on 1st aug 2011 but my L1b is expiring on oct 5th 2011. If i am not getting status of my H1b visa application, do i need to leave the country on or before 5th oct 2011? Please advise.

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    Yes. You are not allowed to work in H1B status until the H1B effective date (The effective date will be on the H1B approval notice). You are not allowed to work when the L1 status expired unless the L1 extension is filed. So in your case you need to get the H1B approved prior to the L1 expiry date. Ask your employer to upgrade the case to premium and get the result within 15 days.
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