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H4 Visa, F2 rejected twice

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  • H4 Visa, F2 rejected twice

    Hi there,

    I am in US working on OPT(F1). My company has applied for my H1B visa. I am expecting the decision in a few days. My wife applied for F2 visa twice and got rejected both the times.

    She is an Indian citizen and Kuwait resident. First time she applied in India where we got married and second time in Kuwait with no luck.

    My start date for H1B is Oct1 and so my wife can apply for her H4 visa. Or can she apply before that, after my petition gets approved?

    Does past two rejections affect her new application?

    Can she apply for H4 visa in Kuwait?

    I'd appreciate any help I can get.

    Thank you in advance!!!

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    Previous visa rejections will not impact the new one as long as the reason for rejection is not the applicant (fraud, criminal activities etc). Yes, she can apply in Kuwait.
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