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H1b from Uk for indian citizens

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  • H1b from Uk for indian citizens


    Please help with my querry.

    i am a doctor,on permit free trainning,on temporary resident status till 3rd Aug 2005 in UK.I am about to submit H1b for processing,and was wondering if i can proceed to stamping from UK,despite being a Indian citizen.

    I am going for premium processing,and have to join work by June.i want to know what is the usual waiting time for stamping and interview,and if i can qualify for emergency services for interview.

    when and hw can i apply for a date for interview,can i apply after initial h1 application or i need to wait for the approval to apply for a interview date?

    i have been trying the tel no. for information in London,but it is very difficult to get through the line..

    Is there any other source of information in UK?

    Please guide me with the same,I shall be obliged.

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    H1 stamping in UK

    I am in the exact same situation ...........i am in uk looking to get a locum and have to be in the US by 20th june .....wanted yto know the chances of stamping H1 in london.....u could email me at [email protected]


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      h1b stamping for Indian passport holder on work permit

      Hi guys,

      I am in the same situation and can't decide where to go for stamping.

      Is London ok for stamping or do we really need to go to India for it?