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Self taken picture uploaded to online DS 160.

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  • Self taken picture uploaded to online DS 160.

    Hello everyone,

    My friend has taken a picture of me from a digital camera, i cropped the picture using the VFS online tool and uploaded the picture.

    The picture has been accepted by the application online and i got the BarCode and everything.

    What is the next step?

    Do i have to take this picture's soft copy which is in my pen drive and go to a studio lab and get it printed there on a photo paper or something etc or can i print on a bond paper and hand it over to the VO?

    Can any one help me who has same situation.

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    If the photo complies with the requirements (white background), get two 2inch by 2 inch prints from a photo shop and take it with you to the interview.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.