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Desi consultancy sponsored H1 Visa

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  • Desi consultancy sponsored H1 Visa


    I came to the US in 2007 on a F1 visa and did my Masters degree. I am currently employed by a desi consultancy and work for a 'client' at the client's location. Its a highly skilled job position and the job responsibilities are clearly detailed out with no ambiguities. My H1 visa was approved which was filed by my employer(consultancy). Its been 4 years since I visited India and now I finally have a chance to go. I will be going to the Chennai consulate to get my stamping. But I have been hearing horror stories about people not getting their H1s approved and the rate is quite high(more than 50% of the applicants). What can I expect when I go for stamping and how do I minimize(or completely eliminate if possible) my chances of denial???
    I am going to India in december and will have finished 9 months at the client location with a contract termination not in the vicinity for sometime. I have a client and a mid vendor letter that say its a long term project. PLEASE HELP..... I AM FREAKED OUT!