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Dont have an Offer Letter, only Letter of Intent to Hire.

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  • Dont have an Offer Letter, only Letter of Intent to Hire.

    Hello Everyone,

    I am going for my H1B stamping to Chennai on sep20th. These are my details:

    -- Full time Job.
    -- Has all payslips, first job and first time H1B stamping.
    -- Has all tax forms and w2 forms of the years i have worked.
    -- I graduated on Dec 2008 and have a clean record from start of May 2009 till now.

    But i have one issue, after i have been interviewed, i got a letter of Intent to hire or a single letter from my company which has:

    "Thank you for coming to the interview, we are offering a full time job for so and so salary, these are the benefits, you will be given this position and these are your job responsibilities, please let us no later than May 8th 2009 if you accept the offer. Signed by my boss"

    I joined the company and was working for 2 years until now, my question is my boss says that is the offer letter, but there was no signature of me on it, i am confused is this an offer letter?

    This is the only thing my company gives me now, i am also getting a n employment verification letter from them. AM i in trouble?

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    Can someone reply me please!!


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      can u share me u r email id plz or mail me u r contact details to [email protected]


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        you must have replied at the respective post itself? I am waiting for a reply on my question and now i see no answer and its marked as answer.

        This is what others might think too, and i would never get an answer at all, coz people think its already answered.