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H1B gap and DS160

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  • H1B gap and DS160

    Dear Reader or Professional,

    Please share your experience or advise if you came across or know of this situation.

    I was with Co. A for sometime and was fired in the beginning of the month. Co. A said we are giving you 15days future salary and doing a favour of not revoking your H1.
    So I got pay check at the end of that month with complete salary.

    Then 15 days later, Co. B filed for my H1B transfer with PP and got successfully transferred. Since then I am working with Co. B. It has been now 2.8 yrs and Co. B also processed my GC.

    I want to know whether those 40 days without job or 15 days without pay check could cause any legal issue.

    I am also filling DS-160 where you have to specify exact dates of past employments. What dates I should enter there for Co. A?

    Thank you in advance for sharing your experience or Advise.

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    Assuming B's petition was approved with a new I-94, it w ill not be a problem. Fill the form truthfully.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.