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Visa Issued or Not?

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  • Visa Issued or Not?

    We (I for H1B and spouse for H4) had gone to Chennai consulate for visa stamping on May 12th 2011 and got a pink slip and a blue slip. Documents requested on blue slip were submitted on May 16th. Got back a receipt notice with AAP ticked on the blue slip.

    Till yesterday there was no update. On 11 Sept 2011, I sent an email again to ChennaiNIV and Chennai SAO for status updates. Today I got an email from ChennaiNIV stating "You will receive your passports through VFS in another 3 to 5 working days.". I also received an email from VFS about passport availability for pick-up.

    1. Does anyone know whether this means that the Visa is approved, denied or still pending processing? I know its just a question of waiting 2 more days, but am really curious after waiting this long . Wanted to know if anyone has any similar experiences.

    2. Only my passport is being shown as sent. My wifes passport still shows pending on the VFS site. I am assuming this will be updated soon as well. Any thoughts?

    Thank you.