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No client letter for H1b

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  • No client letter for H1b

    My visa interview date is on 29-sep-2011, My current company has processed the visa, but i do not have the Client Letter. I have the I-797, I-129 and all other supporting documents.
    Can you kindly let me know if the Client Letter is mandatory and what should I answer if in the interview they ask for Client Letter ?

    Thank you.
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    It totally depends on the VO. Most of them will ask for the client letter and sometimes that they will just look at your petition information and won't even care about any other supporting documents. However, if they ask for the client letter and if you don't have it handy with you, then they might issue you a 221g for additional administrative processing. If it is a policy of the client to not issue anyone such letters, then you can explain that to the VO. If possible, get an email from the client stating that they cannot issue you such letter as per their company policy and carry that as a proof. You can also carry the SOW between your company and the Client as a proof that you actually work for the client.
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      Thank you very much for your valuable reply.


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        Did you get your Visa stamped with out client letter. Please let me know I am in the same boat.



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          How serious they are about client letter now days? Can any one share their experiences?


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            It is highly recommended that you carry your client letter.I have got a 221g form as I could not produce the client letter at the time of my interview.