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Is Name change necessary for H4 visa?

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  • Is Name change necessary for H4 visa?

    I browsed till 15 pages for an answer and got tired... can someone help please?
    I am going to India to get married in May. I will apply for a H4 visa for my wife at Mumbai. I want to know if it is mandatory to change her surname before that. It would involve changing name, updating her passport and THEN applying for visa. Looking at the present 75 days of waiting period, I want to avoid name-changing and save as much time as possible.
    Anyone who has done this, please share your knowledge/experience.

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    even though I have not done this myself, I am positive that name change is not necessary for getting H4 visa.
    You might search thro this forum to find specific threads.
    In case of some of the consulates(I have seen it on calcutta consulate website) it is recommended to get the name of spouse endorsed on the passport.

    good luck !


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      name change

      i do not think it is necessary, as I am still using my maiden name and have my h4 under it... even after marriage i have not yet changed myname...i am however going to get my name changed next time i am home, and then keeping my cancelled passport. For the first time back into the usa i will be taking along a copy of my husbands h1 papers and seeing if they will issue me a new h4 in my married name
      hope it helps


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        my wife got her h4 visa from chennai consulate with only my name endosed in her passport without changing her name..so i feel just endosing the spouse's name would be sufficient...


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          H4 Visa


          Spouse need not have to change the name in the passport. But you have carry Marriage certificate and marriage photos and other document while you attend for the H4 interview.

          I can suggest you to get the interview date as quick as possible.