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Urgent - H1B Restamping

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  • Urgent - H1B Restamping


    First time I went to chennai consulate and got the VISA and came to US in Feb 2007 through a employer A. I have trasfered my H1B to employer B in few months in 2007 itself. I went to India in Apr 2009 and went to chennai consulate for restamping and got visa and came back to US in July 2009. After that I have transfered my H1B to employer C in aug 2009.

    1. My question is I am planning to visit india for 15 days. and now again i have to go for restamping. planning to go to Canada next month, but not yet decided. Can anybody help me to which consulate i should visit to Canada or chennai?

    2. i have 9 months lefted on my I94.

    Please advise.

    Thank you in Advance

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    I am not sure how yo are expecting someone from the forum to decide this for you. You are eligible to take the visa interview at Canada or India. The only issue with Canada is if you receive a 221g, you will be stuck there for a while. Also, if the visa gets denied, then you will have to travel directly to your home country from Canada.
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