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Previous Employer Paystubs got lost ..what to do ..please guide.

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  • Previous Employer Paystubs got lost ..what to do ..please guide.

    Hi all,
    I am going for my H1 stamping with all the relevant documets from my Current Employer . When i was in OPT i worked with Company A from 2009-2010 and join company B in 2010 till Oct 2010 and after that i am with my current employer . I have all my paystubs from current employer , company B but unfortunately lost the paystubs of company A (lost paystubs till october) . I research and get to know that they are mainly concerned about my recent employer paystubs .

    Company Status duration
    A OPT 2009-2010 --- paystubs from October(lost before that)
    B OPT-E 2010-Oct 2010 -- have all paystubs for this company
    C OPT/H1 Nov 2010- Current -- have all paystubs

    I am also had verification letter from company A , company B .
    1)So how can i make my case stronger . if they asked for paystubs for my company A .
    2) What is the chances of getting an H1 , will these lost paystubs can be a problem
    3) Comp A , Comp B were consulting companies but currently i am working as a fulltime employee now

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    You only need the recent payslips (say 6 months) for the stamping. You don't need pay slips from 2010. W2 from 2010 is good enough to prove that you were paid during that time.
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