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H1-B visa stamp when LC is pending

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  • H1-B visa stamp when LC is pending


    I am planning on going to Canada (Ottowa) to get my H1-B visa stamp. However, my company will have submitted a Green Card application for me (via PERM) by that time. Would the fact that I have applied for a green card be a problem when I am trying to get my H1-B stamp in the US consulate? The reason I ask is that on the US Consulate appointment letter it states that:

    “In order to qualify for most categories of US non-immigrant visas, you must be able to demonstrate to a US Consular Officer that you have a permanent residence outside the United States that you do not intend to abandon. You may satisfy this requirement by showing you have strong economic and social ties to your country of residence. ‘Ties’ are factors that would require you to return to your country of residence, upon completion of your temporary visit to the United States. …
    You must demonstrate to the Consular Officer that these ‘ties’ are strong enough to compel you to return to your home country upon completion of your visit to the United States.”

    Given this requirement, would my having a green card (LC-1) pending be a problem? If so, what options do I have? Any factual information and/or real experiences in the same situation will be greatly appreciated.