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DS160 help required

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  • DS160 help required

    I recently got visa stamped for me and my wife. Couldn't do it for my daughter at that time as her passport was not ready.
    In our DS 160s my wife has used my surname without formal name change. While getting my kid's passport, i realized that formal name change for my wife will further complicate and delay things. So she'll continue using her maiden surname and the same has been mentioned in my re issued passport. Now what surname should i mention in this new DS 160 form(for my kid)? Will it create any problem if there is surname mismatch in our DS 160s and my kid's DS 160?
    Please Note that my wife's passport carries her maiden name.

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    No issues. Unless there is a legal name change, go by the names in the child's birth certicate / your passports.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.


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      Thanks Shervin

      Thanks a ton Shervin for your quick response