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H1B 221g, shall I switch to H4 Visa ?

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  • shervin143
    Yes to all your questions. You have just listed out various options to get back to U.S and start working. They are all valid options. It is upto you to deceide which one to go with. Option 1 and 2 seems like a good choice. If they fail, then you can always go for H4 later.

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  • amitthawait
    started a topic H1B 221g, shall I switch to H4 Visa ?

    H1B 221g, shall I switch to H4 Visa ?

    refused to stamp visa and gave 221g (white) form with following explanation:

    Form 129 had missing information for example-Page # 1 had "A" city address and next couple of pages where question said if work place is different then fill here was 'blank' and at one place it was filled "A" (incorrect),-- They showed me the mistakes.
    Visa Officer(VO) told me-
    (a) They are sending this information to USCIS so they will contact my company OR my company will fix and contact USCIS on this regard. There is nothing pending from US Embassay so we need to fix this information.
    (b) I can fill my H1B petition with another employer and apply for restamping.


    My husband Visa has been approved- He works for very good company and had all documents.

    Sitution with me:
    (1) H1B: Work with My Company and sort it out to modify Form 129 and appear again on interview.
    --> Any idea on the turn around time from USCIS.Any suggestions with the sitution and fight for interview dates.
    How soon we need to submit updated Form 129 so we will get answer from USCIS-
    Apporx time line- 1 week , 2 week..more. Please advice.

    (2) another very good company my vendor had offered me earlier but they are not able to hire me till Jan 2012 due to their Visa Cap limitation with USCIS, they may apply in the month of Jan 2012.
    -- I am in India and do you think its OK to switch new company now and re appear with new company information on H1B visa interview ?

    (3) Go with H4(My husband dependent) and stamp it and once land into US go with new company(point2 and get another 797 petition so at least I can work and get stamped whenever I will visit India but at least my work won't be impacted.

    Please advice which one you think is the best option as we don't have much time.