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Your thoughts and suggestions are indelible to me - please make time and suggest !!!!

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  • Your thoughts and suggestions are indelible to me - please make time and suggest !!!!


    At the outset, may God Bless you and your family with all the prosperity and peace in your lives-forever!
    A million thanks to have taken time to understand my plea!!

    I used to work with a “Multi National Beverage Major” (India), hereinafter mentioned as ‘MNBM’ in the capacity of ‘Area Sales Manager’. Academically, I posses a 'post graduation in business administration' (specialization in marketing) and I have a total work experience of 10 years in the area of “sales and marketing” (All in India).

    My wife is a software engineer associated with a reputed firm in India and was deputed to the client location in the USA on a long term basis. Thus I resigned from ‘MNBM’ to join my wife. While she is on a H1B VISA, I am on the H4 status. I had to figure out a strategy for employment. The most obvious thing was to try contacting the 'MNBM - U.S.A.' , for an opportunity - and so I did, only to realize that they need a work permit and do not sponsor work permits.

    Besides, any and all other corporate web sites I visited to apply for a job - demands either a SSN or asks for a 'legal authorization to work in the USA, without which the application process is incomplete and as you know; I do not have the SSN/WORK PERMIT.

    You will never know and I can never explain how much I appreciate each one of you and your contributions to help me put things in perspective.

    At this stage and well before I start my ‘naïve journey’ on the oblivious and obscure endeavor of pursuing my career, I have the following questions to which I solicit your suggestions/solutions:

    Your inputs will make ‘tremendous difference’ to me at this stage.

    1. How do I go about getting a H1 without an employer sponsoring for it?

    2. Evidently, I am not a software engineer! (Unlike most of you, this includes my wife too) So, tell me; which are the corporates/industries/companies which sponsor a H1 for a ‘non-techy’ candidate like me?

    3. Should I search for an employer who would sponsor my H1 OR Convert my visa to H1 (through a consultant) and then search for an employer who will further transfer my H1? What is the deal; hen or the egg??

    4. What are all the various options (barring the lengthy - green card process) in my search for employment in the USA?

    5. Which is the shortest and effective approach to see myself in the pool of 'eligible candidates for an interview'? Let alone a job!!!

    6. What are my chances of greeting a H1 at this stage of the year? Quota???

    7. Let me know of some consultants who could convert my visa from a H4 to H1.How much should it cost and how long will it take for the process?

    8. According to you (with the information that I have provided) how strategic do you think is my H4 TO H1 conversion leading to a job A.S.A.P.?

    9. Tell me anything and everything that you think I could, should and must do/don't.

    Once again, a million thanks for your suggestions and may god bless you!!

    you can also mail me at: [email protected]