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L2 to H4 status change and stampping without spouse

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  • L2 to H4 status change and stampping without spouse

    I aim in US since Aug 2010. I was on L2 status last year. My stamped visa on passport is also on L2. Same way my husband has stamped visa based on L1. He transferred his status to H1 on Oct 2011 and hence mine was also transferred to H4. I am planning to visit India alone early next year. Is it ok get stamping for me alone? Since my husband doesn't have valid stamped H1 visa on passport, how do I present it? In required document list it is listed as required document.

    Any documentation is appreciate in this perticular case.


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    Yes, you can apply for your H4 Visa without any problem. You will need your spouse's H1 approval notice.
    I assume you have an H4 I-94 at the bottom of your change of status approval notice.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.