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Urgent: H1 221g slip to H4 ##########

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  • Urgent: H1 221g slip to H4 ##########

    Hi Guysa,

    Need urgent advice. I went for H1 stamping yesterday as my old stamping had expired. I was handed the yellow 221g slip in delhi, no documents asked and was told that my petition will need firther verification from Homeland security. Not sure what it means but looks like it is stuch for months to come.

    I really need to go back to US. Can I just go on H4 - my spouse in working in US on valid visa and I have an approved H4 already but the stamping is expired.

    How do I go back for H4 stamping to the embassy while I have a 221g slip on my H1? Please advice. I am willing to give-up the H1 and job but i really need to return to US on h4 for family reasons. Will appreciate any advice......


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    221g on H1, attend for H4 stampping

    my wife got 221g on her H1B, can she attend H4.


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      If you have the passport with you, then you can attend the H4 visa interview and if that gets approved, you can travel to U.S. If the passport is with the U.S consulate, then you can write a letter and request the passport back saying that you will submit it when the admin processing gets resolved.
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