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H1 Approved? Rejected? Queried?

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  • H1 Approved? Rejected? Queried?

    Today I attended the H1 interview and submitted the required documents. At the end the VO told

    I will keep your case for administrative processing you will get a mail to check the status. You don't need to come again here (he means US Consulate), submit your passport at VFO office after 2 weeks' .

    He returned the passport.

    In the evening, I got a mail from consulate saying ' Please submit your NEW passport at the VFS office for further processing'.

    Does it mean the VISA is approved or queried or rejected.


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    No one can predict that. You have to wait until you get the passport back. There are cases where the consulate has asked for the passport and then returned back with a 221g slip. However, in most cases, when they ask for the passport, it means the admin processing is done and they are ready for stamping the visa. Hopefully you will get the passport back with the visa stamp. But it is not something a forum member can predict.
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      Thanks for the update.