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L2 status when apply for H1B

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  • L2 status when apply for H1B

    I have question regarding L2 status.

    Currently I am working on L2 visa, which is valid till 31st July 2005. My husband and I want to apply for H1B. My questions are:
    1. H1B will it be effective from the date of confirmation or from 1 of Oct 2005?
    2. Can I work on L2 till Oct. 1st or till my H1B is effictive?
    3. Can I maintain two visas at a time? L2 (till H1B gets effective).
    Any help is appreciated.

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    I know that 2004 quota was up ages ago so even if your approved now your visa wont be valid til oct 1, 2005. Unless!!! they just issued 20,000 more visas for anyone who has a masters degree for a US college, if thats you then you might get one sooner, hope that helps.


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      L2 to H1B Status

      Thanks for immediate reply ,

      Actually my question is
      1. I am currently working on L2 for company A. If I apply for H1B (for next quota), through company B and get my h1B approval, what will be my status (L2 or H1B)?
      2. Can I still continue to work with current company on L2 or I will HAVE to join company, which has filed my H1B after Oct. 1st ?
      3. Can I continue working with my current company A, till company B finds project for me?

      Thanks a lot for your reply.