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    Here is my experience after many sleepless nights. Thanks a lot to immihelp,Shervin and Kabkaba and few others. This is a wonderful service. Sure you will get answers from this forum

    Went to Chennai Consulate yest at around 7.30 AM mine was a 7.45 slot. Heavily raining outside.

    Showed them Appointment, DS160, conf page and passport and received a token.

    Went in and one lady arranged documents. and went to another counter where finger prints were taken(There was an English lady looking very pretty ) and moved to another building where I was waiting for the interview. "Counter no 25" is flashed on the TV.

    Went to my respective counter and stood there.. Interview was going on for another couple. I guess there was some traffic violation case on him. So VO gave a blue slip.

    Next to him another guy went and tried answering all the questions she asked but VO was not convinced with him so 1 more blue slip. Next it was my turn. I was totally upset due to these 2 blue slips. Took a deep breath and told myself to give my best to her.

    She called my number and I greeted her.

    ME : Hi, Good morning
    VO : Good morning, Pass me the documents

    Passed all the docs. She was verifying something.

    VO: Have you travelled to US before?
    ME :No
    VO: Which city you are travelling to?
    ME :told her the city
    VO: Who is you client?
    ME :told her
    VO: What is the salary?
    ME :told her
    VO: To which project are you going there?
    ME :told her about the project and explained her abt that.

    She raised her hand above to take a paper from the shelf. My heart was beating very fast. Prayed god that it should not be any slip. Finally she gave me white pamplet and told me to read this to know my rights in US. Also wished me to enjoy the stay in US

    Was very happy and wished her for New year. She smiled at me for the first time after so many blue slips and wished me for new year.