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H1B Visa refused under 221G

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  • H1B Visa refused under 221G

    I recently got a H1B visa refusal letter from hyd consulate stating that my petitioner hasn't mentioned vendor name and my supervisor is not onsite so how can he control my work etc...

    My case was sent back to USCIS with I-797, LCA, I-29, Letter to USCIS, Client letter and vendor letter..

    What i am worried about is, it also says "if USCIS revokes the petition, the beneficiary may become ineligible for a visa under iimigration and nationality act Section 221(a)(6)(C)(i) (or other appropriate sections)." Section 221(a)(6)(C)(i) is a lifetime ban for material misrepresentation or fraud.

    Has anyone received similar kind of letter? Please let me know.

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    Yesterday I saw one person getting 221g on similar grounds, (Supervisor is not at client site for managing the resource).

    So you need to get that clarified for your employer.

    Also if the petition gets revoked, then it will be also go bad for employers record.


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      hi,i am exactly in the same situation.it happened for me in dec'2011.i work for a direct vendor to my client and they refused with the same reason.at this point,i am not sure about the future.