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BEP - 221 G green slip at Delhi Consulate

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  • BEP - 221 G green slip at Delhi Consulate


    Can someone help me with their reply on my matter.
    I had my H1b interview at Delhi on 7th feb 2012. VO issued me 221g green slip with top 4 marked docs required and passport and asked me to submit within few minutes. Now After reading all the forums here i acknowledge that VO has mostly asked for the required docs to be submitted in the specific time period. My point is:

    Case : BEP - Being BEP how good is it?
    Interviewed on 7th Feb
    221g Green slip - Getting GREEN SLIP how bad is it?
    Docs & passport asked to submitted on similar day
    My status changed & says: "your passport is under process at u.s embassy/consulate" - does this brings any hope?
    how long can my case take upto?

    Guys with good knowledge here on this processing plz help me and the ppl in the same boots.
    'Thanks in anticipation'
    Waiting Very Curiously!

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    Did you get updates.....my wife is in the same situation....VO did not ask for any additional information but told her will contact her.....