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H1 B : Does any one have an idea abt this?

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  • H1 B : Does any one have an idea abt this?


    I am currently in US and I am nearing my six year term this June. As per the rule I should leave the country for one year at least to come back on H1B again. My last day of stay in USA is 07/22/2005. I want to take a break of 1 year and come back again on H1B.

    My question is ...
    Can I apply for new H1B now (in 2005 quota which opens in October 2005) itself and go to India and come back exctly after one year or I should only apply in Next year's quota (october 2006) after waiting 1 year outside US?

    Thank you very much in advance,


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    You can apply in any quota you wish..only thing is that you have to be out of US for One Year.


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      I think you can't apply for this year quota. You have to apply in 2007 Quota. USCIS will start accepting the petition 6 months before the validity so you can apply around April 2006. BTW, I have been through this process and now on my way back to US in another 3 months.