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h1b stamping rejected under 221g

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  • h1b stamping rejected under 221g

    Hi ,

    I went to us consulate at toronto on 25th may ,that day at interview they asked me send a fax of all company's employee list and date of birth and justify your position on which you working ,like why company need this position.They kept all my documents like i 797 ,w2 form ,pay stubs, degree certificate with them ,they told me that whenever we receive this document from your employeer we will call you.My company send all this document to embassey .At 26th may they call me to come at embassy.Than they reject me under 221g .And they told me that we will send this document to homeland security for further reveiw.They kept my original i797 with them and return my rest of the documents. Then after two hours once again they call me to come again at embassy and lady return my original i797 and told me that you can apply from india once again.

    So can any body please advise me what is going on in my case? any body has experience like me.If anybody can give me advise I will be very thank full.

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    Hi Parth..
    Did they allow you to re-enter US from Canada without visa stamping ?? Sorry to ask you that question now, just curious to know!!!

    Good luck